Why Would I Need To Get Life Insurance For My Child?

It is common for adults to talk about life insurance, as it gives them peace of mind when they have someone financially dependent on them. There is also life insurance for minors, which can be referred to as juvenile or child life insurance. Child life insurance may seem morbid or unnecessary, but it offers a number of benefits. These include financial planning for your child and future insurability. We’ll explore what child life is, how it works, and the main considerations to make when evaluating this option.

Understanding Child Life Insurance 

A child life insurance policy is a permanent plan that serves multiple purposes. Its main purpose is to provide a death benefit if a child tragically passes away. It is a scenario that no parent would want to imagine, but it can provide financial support for the family in a difficult time. Cash value is another common reason that parents or grandparents purchase coverage for their children. The cash values are not just a financial asset but can also be used to support their future needs.

Who can benefit from child life insurance? 

Child life insurance is a great way to help your child with several things. It can guarantee their future insurability and provide a cash value fund that will be used for important expenses in the future.

Future Insurability

This first step is crucial. It’s important to ensure your child’s future insurance. You can’t know what health issues will affect your child in the future. They may not be insured later in life, depending on their situation. They can keep their permanent policy if they are insured today, regardless of health problems that may occur. Life insurance premiums can be more affordable if you’re younger and healthier. You can protect your child from insurance costs by getting them covered at an early age. This could be as little as two weeks.

Cash Value

Second, the child life insurance policy is an investment that will give your child a solid financial foundation. Cash value can be used to fund important milestones such as a child’s first car, college tuition, or a down payment on a home. The flexibility of this life insurance is its greatest asset. Cash value can be used for whatever purpose the policyholder chooses.

Life Insurance for My Child

Death Benefit

The life insurance death benefits would provide financial assistance for funerals, medical costs, or to leave a legacy if the unthinkable happened while the child was still young. Consider the Koonsman Family who purchased permanent policies for their two daughters when they still were very young. They planned to give the policies to their daughters when they were older. They used Hope’s insurance policy to pay for medical bills and create a foundation named in her honor, after she unexpectedly died at the age of 19 due to a birth defect they thought had long passed.

How to Get a Child Life Insurance Policy

It is easy to purchase a policy of child life insurance. Parents (or grandparents who have parental consent) may initiate the planning process for their child through a licensed agent. In general, healthy children are easily covered by a simple questionnaire and medical records check. If the child is healthy, a physical exam is not required. If a child was born prematurely or had health issues, a waiting period of one year or more may be required. 

These policies provide coverage for the entire life of the child and are therefore permanent. However, flexibility is still a key feature. You can cancel them at any time by cashing in the value of the policy, discontinuing payments, or cashing it out. Cashing out a permanent policy could have tax implications. These policies allow policyholders to borrow against the cash value. It’s, therefore, important to speak to an insurance professional to learn more about your options.


The benefits of child insurance go far beyond the surface. This is an investment in your child’s insurability in the future, as well as a tool for financial planning. It also helps to establish a solid foundation for milestones in life. If you are a grandparent or parent, child life insurance may be the key to unlocking an even brighter future for those you love.

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