Long Term Care Insurance

Long-term care insurance is a specialized form of health coverage designed to cover services not usually included in standard plans. Such assistance includes daily activities like bathing, dressing and mobility for individuals with chronic medical conditions or disabilities like Alzheimer’s. Long-term care policies help offset costs associated with such care which may be significant.

Various Settings On Coverage

Long term care insurance provides coverage in various settings, including one’s own home, nursing homes, assisted living facilities and adult day care centers. Planning for long-term care expenses should be an integral component of comprehensive financial planning for those aged 50 and above; waiting until need for care arises to seek coverage may become harder with age and certain health conditions.

Insurance policies that are long-term care usually require individuals to meet certain criteria, such as being unable to perform certain activities of daily living (ADLs) independently, such as bathing, dressing, eating and transferring. When individuals meet this eligibility criterion they can make a claim and start receiving benefits; when this occurs the insurer reviews medical documentation as well as conduct assessments from medical professionals before approving claims; some policies have an “elimination period,” during which individuals are responsible for covering costs before the insurance coverage kicks in.

Long-Term Care Insurance Costs

Long term care insurance costs depend on several variables, including age, health status, gender, marital status, insurance company and level of coverage chosen. Premiums tend to increase with age and poorer health status while there may also be potential tax benefits of purchasing long-term care policies if certain criteria set by tax codes are met.

Individuals interested in purchasing long-term care insurance have several options when purchasing it directly or through agents from insurance companies or agents, as well as through employers offering this coverage as part of their benefits package. Comparing quotes from various insurers is key in order to find suitable coverage at a price suitable to them; some states also provide “partnership” programs which partner insurance providers to encourage individuals to plan ahead for long-term needs.

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Recently, there has been much discussion between traditional long-term care insurance and hybrid policies. Traditional policies provide specific benefits tailored towards long-term care needs while hybrid policies combine it with life or other financial coverage benefits. Which option one selects depends on individual financial circumstances, risk tolerance, preferences, and more – consulting a financial advisor may help individuals make more informed choices that suit their unique situations. Contact Epolicy Review today to get started!
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